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A fair crack of the whip meaning in hindi

a fair crack of the whip meaning in hindi

I got the wog Meaning: a cold, flu key aircrack ng found wep or virus Example: I cant go to school because I got the wog.
Meaning: what you say when someone is not letting you do or say something.
Example: Rack off, you idiot.Dont get your knickers in a knot.Example: He went to the meeting in his new bag of fruit.6 object a : to find an answer or solution to (something) b : to find the meaning of (a secret code) 7 object : to open (something, such as a door or window) a small amount usually open 8 : to cause (something).Dinky-di, meaning: true, genuine.Pull ya head in Meaning: I dont want to listen to you so shut.Going to the dunny Meaning: off to the toilet.Example: Keep quiet you big galah.Have a naughty Meaning: sexual intercourse.Thats what real Aussies cook.Bag of fruit, meaning: mans suit.
So if youre heading down under, keep this in mind and youll be able to guess some of what were saying well maybe!
Holy-dooly Meaning: an expression of surprise.
Doing your block, meaning: you are getting very angry, losing your head.
Example: Pigs bum, youre not smarter than.
Example: Thats bonzer mate.
Example: You dirty grub.In addition to using the ee sound at the end, we also use o endings when we shorten words such as rego for amana microwave owner's manual car registration such is Australian Slang Phrases.Fair crack of the whip!Fifty ks south of Woop Woop Meaning: in the middle of nowhere Example: He wants to go camping 50 ks south of Woop Woop.Example: Jack is a dinky-di Aussie all right.Stunned mullet Meaning: surprised, bewildered, uncomprehending.English-Hindi a fair crack of the whip.Having a blue Meaning: having 3d coat 4.0.04 crack a fight or argument.Turn it up Meaning: stop what your saying or doing as its not right Example: Turn it up, youre making it worse.Pigs bum Meaning: thats wrong, or incorrect.I am full as a goog.Example: He was in a fight and he got a goog on his head.Example: Just add some extra water and Bobs yer uncle.