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Bendix dual magneto overhaul manual

bendix dual magneto overhaul manual

ES01 Rev 2 7/31/2013, kelly aerospace announces electric AIR conditioning project FOR THE cessna 206.
Care and caution must be exercised when evaluating automotive spark plugs for experimental aircraft.
A multiple coil ignition system, like the Electroair EIS solves this problem by using an ignition coil for every pair of companion cylinders.It makes no difference which spark plugs the EIS is connected.The rest of the energy in the coil will then be dissipated in the plug as measured by the spark-duration.This allows the full benefit of an inductive charging method to be realized: the coil will apply enough voltage to the spark plug to jump the gap (regardless of cylinder pressure).Can I re-use my aircraft i art pro manual spark plug harness with the EIS?There are some single magnetos that will adapt to the dual mag hole, or alternatively you can operate two electronic ignition systems.Kaes manufactures FAA/PMA approved aircraft magnetos, ignition leads, harnesses, and replacement parts for general aviation and military customers.Is there an equivalent to the impulse delay on one or both mags?At higher altitudes, the fuel reduction improves even more, in some cases as much.Aircraft Spruce, plugs Filters, Slick Products.(Bottom plugs have a higher tendency to fail because of lead fouling).
Which spark plugs should the EIS be put on?
During the start sequence of the engine, the EIS sets the ignition timing to 0 TDC and does not begin to fire until approximately 50 RPM.
The coils are designed to mount on the engine side of the fire wall.
Our electronic ignition always fires at the same time as the magneto or earlier.
(High altitude refers to cruising altitudes of 10,000 feet or more).
Call Us Today: (440) Hour Inspection Certification Service - Bendix/CMI Magnetos 4/27/2015, mandatory Service Bulletin - MSB.Experimental Installations: You may use either the aircraft or automotive spark plugs.For many applications this spark duration is not long enough to ensure that the air-fuel mixture ignites completely.Aerospace Products Intl, plugs Filters, cessna Aircraft Company, plugs Filters, Slick Products, General Aviation.Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems, effective January 19, 2015, Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems (kaes) acquired the Aero Accessories, Inc.So the combustion is already underway when the mag fires and hence has very little effect.The Capacitor Discharge Ignition (or CDI) does not charge an ignition coil, rather it uses the 1:100 winding ratio of the coil as a transformer.M, 4302, 4303, 4309, 4310, 4316, 4330, 4331, 4333, 4342, 4344, 4345, 4347, 4348, 4353, 4354, 4370, 4371, 4372, 4373, 4374, 4381, contact Point Kit-Primary M3081 4301, 4302, 4303, 4309, 4316, 4330, 4331, 4333, 4370, 4371, 4372, 4373, 4374, 4381, Rotor Gear M3827 4301, 4302.The dynamic changing of the ignition timing during the start sequence happens in a blink of an eye, so to speak, and helps to insure an easy start everytime.