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Champions of krynn clue book

champions of krynn clue book

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Champions of Krynn is the fruity loops full version pc first of SSIs gold box games set in the AD D world of Dragonlance, with all the usual features: first-person view and movement in dungeons, towns and outposts, overland travel on a map of the area and tactical turn-based combat.Special character classes include Solamnic Knights, clerics of the major deities of Krynn and mages of either the Red or the White Robe.But evil has not left Krynn.Förskottsbetalning till bankkonto (Swedbank).Minimum CPU Class Required 8088 / 8086, minimum OS Class Required, dOS.1, minimum RAM Required 512 KB, media Type.5 Floppy Disk,.25 Floppy Disk.Registered users: 4fatal, Aameiel, akkmrc31, alefranz, ALexRex, Amaurote, angelitodavid, ArthurIb, Badore90, bgfra, tai need for speed most wanted 2012 full crack Biggsy666, cashonly, catseye69, ccq, ClassicGamer90, DeadVoivod, demon, devi59, divi, dutchy, EllisVanSofa, gasman, geet, HisDivineShadow, iperboreo, josesnk, kaikara, kaos_engr, Katom1096, kellne, kostyama2022, Liamh1982, LL7, MasterOfAll, Michaeleo, nerdcable, non6906, OrangeDrink, Panzerdrako, ryohazukisan, sasapinjic, sheeplover, sNeo.
On your travels you have to face dangers in many dungeons and towns and might even meet some of the legendary Heroes of the Lance.
In northeastern Ansalon, outposts of the Knights of Solamnia remain easy recovery 7.4 crack with cracked to guard the fragile peace.
As the first game set in Krynn, it has several features unique to that setting: In character races, one can choose from Kender, Silvanesti or Qualinesti Elves and Mountain or Hill Dwarves in addition to humans and half-elves.
Video Modes Supported, cGA, EGA, Tandy / PCjr, sound Devices Supported, adlib, Game Blaster (CMS PC Speaker, Roland MT-32 (and lapc-I Tandy / PCjr.
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Input Devices Supported, joystick (Analog Keyboard, Mouse, notes, tandy 16-color requires 640 KB RAM.The War of the Lance is over, the dragon armies have been defeated.Mouse will not work with Tandy graphics.What are their plans?The deities grant special spells and powers to their respective clerics.Red and White mages have access to different spells and the phases of the moons of Krynn affect their spellcasting abilities.Beskrivning och kravspec tagen från Mobygames.Your party of adventurers is hired to carry out missions for the Knights.On your first mission, you stumble upon Draconians, long believed to have left the area.Frakt (Brev, inom Sverige 42:-, givetvis samfraktar jag vid vinst av fler objekt!This game is part of our Software PC Games collection.