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Cracked turbo exhaust housing

cracked turbo exhaust housing

I wouldn't say it was a must fix item. .
It's in the rear on the passenger side of the truck.
The connection for the other end was very difficult and involved relocating the air filter and coolant tank.
Inside the housing as the turbo undergoes a period of heat soak.If the 4th character of your VIN is an F your engine was manufactured by AMG and is the newer design so you don't have to worry.There's also the problem of rebalancing a repaired turbo wheel.If the compressor blades are badly eroded, unfiltered air has been entering the intake system.If the inside of the bearing housing resembles the bottom of a frying pan and is coated with black crusty deposits, oil coking was the cause aqw hacks cheat engine of failure.The temperature stayed in the mid 180s while I drove through my neighborhood.
Tighten those clamps on the hose and the lines and that side is done. .
Finally, you can check the turbo housing at the exhaust end for any cracks or leaks, which will also affect performance.
Donation Info, turbo diesels produced from 1996 (when they were first offered on the Hummer) to some say into 2000 are at risk.
You can't tell for sure if #8 cylinder is cracked by doing a compression test.Note that the above symptoms could also be a blown head gasket which is another problem this engine is well known for.It seems that there are some engines with numbers between C-159 and E-019.Dirty turbo wheels can be cleaned with solvent and a wire brush.If you do just sand it till you remove any burrs. .The units part number is: 9 It is very large and well constructed.Anyone who has ever had one of these engines apart for head gasket problems ought to spend the money for the superior ARP product.Melted or glazed bearings with metal transfer onto the shaft point to oil starvation.