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Cure for dried cracked bleeding heels

cure for dried cracked bleeding heels

Taking this decoction twice a day cures diabetes within few days.
Name in Different Languages: English - Mango, hindi Aam.
Mix 25 milliliters juice of ableton live 9 manual pdf mango leaves, 12 grams honey, 12 ml milk and 6 grams ghee together.
Constipation : Drink milk after eating mango with milk to discharge stool properly.Insects poison: If someone has been bitten by any poisonous teeth like mad dog, monkey, scorpion, spider and wasp, grind mango stone with water and apply it on the affected parts, it provides relief in pain and wound.3-6 grams powder of mango stone can be taken twice a day in the condition of indigestion.It is useful to cure chronic headache and darkness in front of eyes caused by brain weakness.Hiccups: Burn dried leaves of mango (which falls down from the tree) and smell its smoke, it prevents hiccups.Mix 10 grams bark of mango tree with vinegar or curd and apply it around the navel; it provides relief in loose motions of children.Mix equal quantity of juice of mango, black berry and leaves of Indian gooseberry together.Hoarseness : Boil 50 grams mango leaves with 500 ml water until it remains parts then mix honey.Gastric Ulcer: Filter ripe, sweet and juicy mango thereafter drink its juice, it provides relief in gastric ulcer.The patient should drink 250 ml mango juice thereafter drink milk upon.
Grind kernel of mango stone with some water and apply it on the affected part, it provides relief in inflammation.
Bloody diarrhoea is cured by giving this mixture to the patient.
Digestive power: Silky ( Reshedar ) mango is nutritive and eliminates constipation.
It is sown with two types.
This powder can be taken to prevent loose motions.After that, give toasted stone of mango to the suffered child like betel-nut to end the bad habit of eating soil.Milk, black berry, stones of jack-fruit, some quantity of dry ginger and liquid or Sikanz Been should be taken after eating mango.Dysentery is cured by taking 6 grams this medicine thrice a day.Urine diseases: The person, who suffers from diabetes, should take mango juice with juice of black berry because it beneficial in diabetes.Mix some sugar in this mixture and give it to the patient, it removes bad effects of sun strokes.Its flowers are little, green and yellow.It provides relief in baldhead (Hair falling) and dandruff too.If someone suffers from bloody diarrhoea, grind internal bark of mango with curd and coat it on his stomach, it provides relief in bloody diarrhoea.Diarrhoea: Boil about 6 grams kernel of mango stones with 100 ml water and mix about 6 grams ground kernels of mango stones.After that, take this mixture thrice a day to stop chronic loose motions, piles and loose motions caused by indigestion.Harmful affects: Taking over quantity of raw mango causes many types of symptoms as sperm becomes light, gums pain, fast fever, eye diseases, throat inflammation, stomach gas and nose-bleeding etc.Dry Cough: Toast ripe mango in hot ash and take, it cures dry cough.