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Gsa h42n firmware update

gsa h42n firmware update

Added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112x.09/8.09 no riplock patch yet no writespeed display yet verified support for lite-ON dvdrw LH-20A1S 9L02 added support for philips dvdr1660P1.6 windows xp portable edition sp3 black Quite old, but requested.
Special thanks to PumaUK for testing around 20 patch tries.Added [email protected] crossflash option for GSA-H42L drives Such a crossflash removes the Lightscribe feature as there is currently no way back because no H42L firmware is available.- added support for GSA-T11N A103 Current support is read only, looking for testers.This is the version history page for MediaCodeSpeedEdit.Bug was introduced with.Pervious versions renamed the faster media code so it could not be used anymore.Version Release Date: Apr 23, 2006 added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111(D).19 added support for Liteon Slimtypedvdrw SLW-831S added support for Liteon Slimtypedvdrw SLW-833S verified support for HL-DT-stdvdrrw GWA-4164B.05 Version Release Date: Apr 12, 2006 fixed bug disabling -R lossless strategy swapping for.Thanks to rolling56 for the tests.Actima: ARW4420, ARW4420S, ARW4424P, ARW4432P, G44A24, G44P24, G44A32, G44P32, dvdrw adrw-H00P.
Added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K16.42/1.44 Thanks to cvs for the.44 tests added read only support for LG GGC-H20N/L and LG GGW-H20N/L, including BD media support added support for tsstcorpcddvdw SH-S203S/SE-S204S TS00 added support for tsstcorpcddvdw SN-S083A/L SB00 added support for tsstcorpcddvdw TS-H653D.
Enabled support for Pioneer K15.17 firmware (untested) Version Release Date: Dec 4, 2007 RPC1 patch for LG GSA-H2x/H3x/H5x firmwares was not enabled in the previous release.
Fixed RW speed display for Samsung SH-S20x firmwares Thanks to MrMoody for reporting the problem.Version Release Date: Aug 7, 2007 fixed bug introduced in causing crash when loading files smaller 800k,.g.Version Release Date: Jul 7, 2006 added riplock patch for LG GSA-H10 firmwares.Thanks to TDB for the initial patch and to zhadoom for the tests.Added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-216R.06 firmware added read only support for asus DRW-24B1ST.00 (iHAP124/iHAS124 clone) added read only support for HP DVD Writer 1260dKH23 (iHAP124/iHAS124 clone) Version Release Date: Jun 8, 2009 Download(s Higher read speeds for LG BD drives added.Version Release Date: Nov 2, 2007 RPC1 patch for LG GSA-H2x/H3x/H5x firmwares was not enabled in the previous release.Added riplock patch for GSA-T20N/T21N Thanks to tiberia for the tests.