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Instruction manual for keys pro 950

instruction manual for keys pro 950

(164/300 only) blinks when the scanner's battery is low.
The Pri Interval sets how often the scanner checks the priority channels ( default 2 secs ).Key Lock (HH models) - lets you lock the scanner's keys to help prevent accidental changes to the scanner's programming.If you experience problems with cloning set CCDump to Off.Press mode until the desired mode is found.Press SEL/ENT hp usb format software to disable or enable each channel.Mode appears above F2 to change the modulation for a Limit, Aircraft, or Amateur Service Search.The firmware in the is divided into three portions; a boot loader, the o/s (CPU) firmware and the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) code.Press or to select Off or one of the preprogrammed weather channels.To turn the Attenuator on or off for a single channel while scanning, quickly press ATT while the channel is displayed or select the channel in manual mode by entering the bank number and channel number (Ex: 001) then press MAN to advance to the.Press Mode (each time) to select the correct trunking mode if needed.An overview of the features can also be viewed at my Trunking Radio Comparison Chart page.
Appears when attenuation is on for the displayed object.
Seek Function When the seek function is on, the scanner will stay on a frequency for up to 5 seconds then automatically continue searching.
Press enter when finished to store the tag.
IDs can be locked out in open mode (vs.
2nd Line 0000.00000 appears to the right to display the frequencies.The Log Book includes an extensive database of DX information, and you may archive your log data to the supplied CF card using one of the popular and available logging formats like adif, Cabrillo, etc.Weather Radio Listening abnt iso 27001 pdf to the Weather Band Contents To hear your local forecast and regional weather information, press.L/OUT Locks or temporarily locks out an object (depending on the setting of the button).Enter the percentage ( 1-99 ) and press SEL / ENT.Pause Mode- used for monitor single talkgroup objects or frequencies.Basic Settings for Navigation Contents You may want to change some settings right away to help you program your scanner a little easier.When an LTR parameter cannot be null serialization stream transmission occurs, you should see the LTR talkgroup information on the bottom line of the display, and a number preceded by ' R ' in the bottom right hand corner (i.e., R12 ).Every object you program (by hand) is assigned an object number by the scanner, not you.To Pause on a channel, quickly press PSE to stop searching.Scan/Search Delay - 2 second (adjustable delay with optional software and cable) scan and search delay before moving to another channel, frequency, or trunking system so you can hear more replies that are made on the same transmission.