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John deere gator cx owner's manual

john deere gator cx owner's manual

Note: John Deere cool-gard coolant is recommended when adding coolant to the cooling system.
Engine Warranty Maintenance Statement, maintenance, repair, or linux convert reduce pdf size replacement of the emission control devices and systems on this engine, which are being done at the customers expense, may be performed by any non-road engine repair establishment or individual.
Cleaning Engine Fins (4x2) c caution: Avoid injury!Never start engine while standing on ground.Unlocking the Park Brake.Damage may occur to cast aluminum parts.If engine is hard to start or runs rough, check the troubleshooting section of this manual.Check engine oil level.Do not overfill crankcase with oil.Pull up to remove radiator screen (C).Do not drive vehicle with cargo box in raised position.
If neither of the recommended coolants is available, use a glycol base coolant that meets the following specification: astm D4985 (JDM H24A2).
Indicator Panel (6x4 w01076, a - Battery Discharge Lamp, b - Low Oil Pressure Lamp.
Testing Safety Systems MIF c caution: Avoid injury!
With one side of tailgate now detached, slide tailgate in opposite direction to complete removal.
Do not allow hose to contact bottom of reservoir or bend upwards out of the coolant.
Note: The manual lift and lower procedures should only be done after cargo box is emptied.
Operating the Vehicle.Engine exhaust system may be hot and can burn skin.Move gear shift lever to N (neutral) position.Release lever down completely.The radiator will be hot and can burn skin.Move transaxle shift lever to forward or reverse gear position as desired.Move the vehicle to an outside area before running the engine.Add coolant mixture at bleed screw port (B) until coolant runs out.Visually check dust unloading valve (A).(See Parking Safely in the safety section.).Loosen engine block drain screws (E) on right side of engine.