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Manual weinschel 430 a

manual weinschel 430 a

K SunSet E10 SS250 Digitální testovací pístroj pro údrbu nebo práci s digitálními okruhy a telekomunikaní signalizací.(ní na PCM okruzích za provozu, atd.) 1330.
755.1 20388 K TDS 2022C Kompletní balení nepouitého osciloskopu.
K Fluke11 Prodám Fluke 11 p?item.44 1200 K HP3435A Digitální multimetr HP 3435A.Accuracy is same as bird, same scales as 43, excellent condition 250 43 panel (1) 19" rack mount panel with 1 bird meter single line section, used, good (bird parts, but panel itself not made by bird) (4) (see above) 19" rack mount bird meter.18.37 496 K Fluke 620 lan cablemeter predam meraci pristroj na kontrol kablov 166.67 4501 K Heraeus-Vötsch, typ VLK 07/90 Nabízím klimatickou komoru Heraeus-Vötsch, typ VLK 07/90.Great reference material for identifying instruments and finding specs.1 vstup, 3 vstupy.Size: cylindrical 2" diameter.5"long 75 Qty avail ( xx ) Fixed RF Attenuators (Tenuline) Mini-Circuits NAT-20 (2).4 watt, 20 db attenuator, N male N-female, DC-1.5 GHz NEW mach 3 crack cnc 20 Mini-Circuits unat-20 (2).5 watt, 20 db attenuator, N male N-female, DC-6 GHz NEW.
Cena dohodou ProfiTest SII 0100 vetn ProfiTest DC II Revizní pístroj pro pezkouení ochrannch opatení dle SN a dalích pedpis vetn ProfiTest DC II pro mení proudovch chráni bez vybavení.
65 Qty avail (xx) Other than 43 series elements (these below elements are NOT for 43 series meters!) (works in Bird or other line sections of same size and meter movement) 1000B1 (1) 1000 watt, 50-125 MHz, used (for 1 5/8" line sections, 100.
171.59 4634 K current probe C33 current probe C /5 Input: max 1200A / 650Vmax Output: 20-10-5mA/A / 650Vmax Pepínání rozsahu: 250/5 500/5 1000/ K digital power meter digital power meter, idrc-CP300, pístroj meí Frekvenci (10Hz-100Khz, Naptí(0-500V Proud(0-50A Spotebu (0-9999W) 816.
Narda, RLC, arra, Bird, Inmet, Weinschel, Alan, Wavetek/PMI.
A uklada rôzne hodnoty.
Cena best limewire version to dohodou, bM 520, pln funkní.
(5) wattmeter for 440-960 MHz with no additional elements needed.EDC, Vectron, Leeds and Northrup, PRC, ESI, Vishay Tools Production Tools Supplies A new section with all kinds of electronic assembly hand tools, connector tools, scalpels, special drills, and other electronic production tools and aids of all types.Many connector types in stock High quality RG-214, RG-393, RG-223, RG-58, etc N-N, N-SMA, SMA-SMA, TNC, TNC, BNC-BNC and more.QC connectors, "N" or "UHF" female 20 43P wattmeter peak reading 549 3 ranges from ONE element, 43multi.Order via our, secure Orderform, se habla español, Leyla Magro, new and Used bird Electronic power measuring equipment.