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He is expected to survive.
That means they want to know why males have such nasty genitalia and how females cope with that.The female beetles are boning several males at once, so the one with the spiniest dick might be most likely to become the father.They observed reproductive traits, like male genital spine length and injuriousness, and the female defenses, including their immune systems and the volume of raven shield 1.5 patch their reproductive tracts, with micro-CT scanners.His mother passed away in a devastating boating accident near Fresno and his father is in serious condition.Bonnie Kalanick had already passed away and her husband was airlifted to Community under downfall after patch Regional Medical Center.Ubers official statement on the matter is below: Last night Travis and his family suffered an unspeakable tragedy.Patty Brennan, a biologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts who was not involved with the study, told New Scientist that it was cool to see the effect across several populations, rather than just one, since thats the scale at which evolution works.Rob Dutrow from the local sheriffs office said that Donald Kalanick complained of pain and had some scratches some bruises, but seemed fine - conscious and breathing.Photo: Getty, on Friday, Uber CEO Travis Kalanicks mother, Bonnie Kalanick, was killed in a boating accident at Pine Flat Lake in California.His father, Donald Kalanick was also involved in the accident and was reportedly taken to a local hospital in serious condition.
Spiny genitals arent just some outrageous evolutionary display of masculinity.
Business Insider has confirmed with Uber that Kalanicks parents were indeed the passengers on a boat that authorities say smashed into a rock.
The spines scar the copulatory duct pretty badly, so females are better off with thicker duct walls.
But in response to evolutionary dick-measuring contest among males, the females have had to adapt, too.
The extraordinary genitalia and reproductive traits of males of this insect have spurred our interests for some time, Göran Arnqvist, professor in animal ecology at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, told Gizmodo.
As youd expect, their analysis found that the spinier the male genital, the stronger the females.
Someone call Maury Povich.According to a local Fresno news outlet, sheriffs deputies discovered the couple about two hours after the accident when someone noticed debris in the water.An international team of researchers wanted to know how the male beetles evolved such wild genitalia, and how the females evolved right back to protect themselves.Er, actually, they kind of are.The, new York Times, speed gear full crack mike Issac was the first to report the news of the accident.Except rather than fighting over weapons and weapons defenses, these beetles are evolving the craziest dicks and dick-defenses.The signaling substances make her lay more eggs and make her use that males sperm to fertilize her eggs, rather than other males.