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New gta vice city cheats pc

new gta vice city cheats pc

Ok, first you must go get the Hunter If you don't have 100 hidden packages, too bad)then fly around look for that DoDo that has a banner on the back.
Naturally, you will need to lewis acid base concept pdf purchase property that has a garage first.To the right of the car ramp (still under ground) there is abig garage that tells you a list of cars, if you complete the first list which is: Landstalker, Idaho, Esperanto, stallion, Rancher and blist compact, it will give you ten thousand dollars (or.The reward car is a Hotring Racer.So you should use a pjc 600, they have the best acceleration.Once you take the briefcase to the airport, the mission is over.Loose Ends Mission Bring a helicopter before you start the mission at the phone.You can even use a helicopter to get hearts from your mansion at Starfish Island.Demolition Man Mission In this mission, you must fly a toy helicopter into a building and drop four bombs into specific points within the building and avoid getting beat or shot down in only seven minutes.Play As Lance Vance While playing a game, press Circle, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, X,.You do pay like 5 dollars for 10 seconds.Infinite Sprint/Stamina On Paramedic Missions Steal an ambulance and press R3 to start the paramedic missions.
Get out walk up to it until it opens.
If you entered the code correctly, a message "Cheat Activated" will appear.
Pedestrians Riot While playing a game, press Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2,.
Aspirine Full Health, nuttertools All 'heavy' weapons.
It's not, when you first start out and have to kill Lance don't just run to him and start shooting, you will die.
Note: You will also get a free Pay 'N' Spray.
Shootout Tires You can shootout tires using te sniper rifles to make the car more unstable for the drivers.To get it, during game play press R2, R2, R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right,.These Vice City cheats only work for the PC version Game and include everything from health and weapon cheats to vehicle and general game play cheats.Go down to the lower garages and locate the dry erase board with a list of cars on the wall.Take out the sniper rifle, take aim, and shoot everyone in the room, starting with the three guards.Activate the Guardian Angels mission (from Colonel Cortez and kill the Haitian gang members.Complete the four missions that are now unlocked and the business will begin making money for you.