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Nissan xterra cracked exhaust manifold

nissan xterra cracked exhaust manifold

Do not support liars and scam artists like Legend Nissan because the deal they are giving you is too good to be true!
So I went with him and yes, a softball size hole was indeed there and was pretty corroded.
Nissan Xterra.4L 2389CC L4 dohc.
So to make a long story shorter, Tuesday rolled around and I got a call saying due to the snowstorm, my car would not be delivered.He told me they still had the car and like any good consumer, I tried to negotiate them down lower for my mom.Well, we finally agreed on a price of 6,500 with me paying most of the shipping.Therefore, an engine must be running properly without cylinder misfires to avoid lean mixture codes.I have had an exhaust leak on my trusty Skoda for a while, I can hear it coming from miles away!Vacuum Leak Testing, sponsored links, step 4 - An exhaust leak will allow fresh air to enter the system on the negative pressure side of an exhaust event, this will cause an oxygen sensor to produce a lean reading.I was told not just by Michael but Cristine that the car was perfect and needed nothing.
If the sensing element fails, feedback information will be incorrect causing a lean mixture code.
Many terms strike fear into the heart of any vehicle owner.
I asked where my car might.
So the next day, 1/23/13, we went to the credit union as they have a fax machine to get a check.
So after a day of thinking about it, I called them back and decided we were going to buy.
This head gasket kit is just what you need to keep your car in good running order.What are you going to do to make this right?I dropped them an email asking if the check cleared and heard nothing back.So after faxing the paperwork back and forth, I thought everything was all good.So I got in contact with my buddy Rob who is a backyard mechanic fausto emulator pour windows 7 who can tear a car apart and put it back together again and told him everything that was going.I had my buddy come over with his expensive scanner and that is what is keeping the light.Read More about How to Detect Car Cylinder Head Problems 2 The Ultimate Guide to Cylinder Heads Eng ines of all types and sizes are found in everyday life.