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Omiz bluetooth hands manual

omiz bluetooth hands manual

The phonebook copying will start accordingly.
To avoid echo, it is recommend.
Press to confirm or press to cancel.Press to confirm and delete the profile or press to cancel the operation.Nokia 6230 / 6280, Sony Ericsson N610, BenQ-Siemens S62, Glofiish X500.If no phone is paired with the carkit, the pairing operation has to be done first.Timer steps are 10 seconds, maximum is 1 minute.O Press to confirm or press to restore the previous setting of the brightness.Convenient adjustable fixation system, which allows you to choose the.
MB2 SC5 iinst nsta alla llat tion ION handsfree unit (SM2) Search for a location in your car where the han.
Socket for screen (D2) cable.
Make sure not to damage electrical cables, fuel sim 4 crack 3dm or brake lines or safety equipment during the installation.
Make sure that the operation of the carkit will never influence your safety.The call lists are stored in the carkit memory even if you switch off the power.Press to confirm the PIN code.Missed calls *.Microphone (M1) Mount the microphone close to the users head (30 cm is optimal) and place it so that it is directed towards the mouth.(D2) 5.1 (MB2) 14 6 Option.2 (SC5) 13 7 15 m m_BlueCompact_Ill_.indd 1 _BlueCompact_Ill_.indd 1 2 14:42:04.10.2006 14:42:04.