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One for all urc 7960 manual

one for all urc 7960 manual

2003/04/10, i am starting to get a little bit of free time to look into stuff like this key aircrack ng found wep again.
The "abc" keys seem to have two ways to use them, depending on the model: patch gta 5 pc either press the "abc" keys in order, or press and hold the "a" key.Read more 5/5 star rating - "Overall a great universal remote that works with more or less any make of device." Read more).The cool thing about them is the setup button, which lets it transmit a raw binary code to the device.Here are some codes I have found for a few different devices: Note that the later devices with 4-digit device codes have all been tried on a Cinema 7 (URC-7200/URC-7800) remote.Setup # - sends raw key code # (To repeat-send a code entered as above, do not release the last digit key.).3) On the One For All remote press and hold the SET button until the red light blinks twice, then release.Control multiple devices as if they were one.In particular, the Access 5 (10 from Wal-Mart) does not support 994 keymoves.Systems Allorgan Amplivision Anam National Arc en Ciel Aristona Arthur Martin Atlantic Audiosonic Audioton Bang Olufsen Basic Line Binatone Black Star Blacktron Blackway Blaupunkt Blue Sky Blue Star Bondstec Brinkmann Brionvega Britannia Capsonic Carrefour Centurion Clarivox Clatronic CMS hightec Concorde Continental Edison CS Electronics Curtis.
2003/06/04, i just noticed that the play code was missing for Pioneer DVD players.
Setup 975 device #L original remote key setup - learn code from original remote into #L key.
N/A, operation System support, n/A,.
052 reset PIC AUD RGB/TV/video 077 *test 116H 079 *svc 125H/126H 081 *test 116H 082 *svc 083 *svc 092 *svc 107H/163H/108H/161H 093 *resets CPU?
015 Fast forward * 016 Tracking up 017 Tracking down 018 Mark 019 Index LCV Play 1 050 Mute 051 Stop Copy Tape Rewind Line Record 2 109 Line 1 110 Tuner 111 Source 2 112 torrent sherlock saison 1 fr ESC 113 Deck 2 114 Slow - 115 Deck.
Setup 980 - clears all keymoves, etc.
Setup - assigns list of keys to macro key.From all device sets.052 Channel up Volume up 056 Channel down Volume down 059 Power 117 Mute 120 (unknown) 121 Sleep set 123 Prev channel Channel programming mode 247 Delete channel 248 Sleep recall 249 Add channel note: Codes 247 and 249 only work in channel programming mode.Australian Austar users : I did an internet download from.082 channel up 083 mute 098 speaker on/off 109 power off 112 antenna select 113 power on 124 auto channel program color temp 151 VM 158 video 6 161 cable/antenna 162 video 5 172 prev channel 176 display 189 test 191 color temp 204 color.It even has the JP1 pins already installed!The following codes make the player beep but do nothing else obvious: Program 037 Recall/memory 038 Disc side B 039 Stereo 040 Disc side A 041 2/R 043 1/L 052 D/A/CX CX TV/LD?196 Right arrow 203 Left arrow 204 Repeat 205 Time search 208 Clear 209 Chapter search 211 Display 212/214/216/218 Jog reverse (w/still) 213/215/217/219 Jog forward (w/still) Chapter next 253 Stop 254 Play (will turn on player and resume if player powered off) 255 Scan forward.Since then I've gotten a couple more.012 Ch display/menu exit Power on 044 Power on/off Up 048 Left 076 Mute Down 082 Power off Prev channel Right 146 Menu (ch up/dn) Volume up 177 Channel up 185 Channel up Volume down 209 Channel down 210 Factory preset 236 Factory preset Menu.