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Registax 6 instruction manual

registax 6 instruction manual

Notice two additional stars become visible above the background noise Figure 6: Pre-registered 31-frame integration running average. .
Once you name the file, Registax will begin integrating the file. .
Click on the Save Registered/Integrated AVI tab on the menu bar (see image in #5 above). .Be sure to uncheck.It may not work for every occultation however.Registax is supported in English format as well as a variety of different languages. .Sample Occultation with Noise Sample Occultation without Noise.For good insurance, dont try to run any files rise of legend patch larger than.95.You should report your observed error as /- the field or frame error, whichever is used times the frame integration factor. .This video was not pre-registered, as the noise was slightly too great to get good registration.
For the purposes of this tutorial I will be using Jupiter as the subject.
High gain video cameras such as the WAT-902H2 Ultimate or the Supercircuits PC164C both have the problem that they can have high noise levels at full gain. .
Codec used to create the AVI file. .
Timing Issues Using Registax Register/Integrate AVI While using Registaxs features to enhance the visibility of faint stars and reduce the background noise allows us to observe events that would otherwise not be observable, the procedure does have some disadvantages:. .
When integrating frames, we will leave the slider at the far right.
For a normal occultation of a bright star, we would just read the occultation times from the raw data and use the inserted times from each frame. .
In this case all three data series raw, 3-frame, and 5-frame have been plotted on the same chart so the equivalence can be seen. .Create confirmation star charts,.You will be prompted for a file name. .Do NOT click on the Optimize and Stack button.Enhancing Faint Stars in Occultation Videos.Now click on Align. .To pre-register the video, follow the steps below:. .Compress video files to create time lapse videos of long events such.If 5-frames are selected, Registax will start with video frame 3, stack and integrate frames 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 into frame 3 and then write that frame to a new video file. .