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Stimulants cocaine crack amphetamines caffeine

stimulants cocaine crack amphetamines caffeine

Although structurally similar to amphetamine, methamphetamine has more pronounced effects on the CNS.
Oxford University Press: New York:.
27 Indiana Prevention Resource Center, (1998).14 Brands,., stitcher unlimited 2009 .crack.dmg (1998 National Drug Intelligence Center, (2002 DEA Congressional Testimony by Terrance Woodworth, (2000 Carson-DeWitt,., (2001 Indiana Prevention Resource Center (1998 Goldstein,., (2001).This a buildup of these neurotransmitters at synapses in the brain.21 Indiana Prevention Resource Center, (1998).35 DEA Diversion Control Program, (2001).And then there's the 'base an off white / brown / pink gritty paste, usually much purer than powder (the texture makes it too difficult to mix with anything else).6 Carson-DeWitt,., (2001)."Glass" and "ice" (pure methamphetamine, which look like clear crystalline rock) is most often smoked (vaporized and inhaled) in a glass pipe, allowing for quick absorption into the bloodstream without the risks of injecting the drug.7 DEA Congressional Testimony by Terrance Woodworth (2000, May 10).28 Indiana Prevention Resource Center, (1998 Brands,., (1998).15, when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, the effects of prescription amphetamines are enhanced.
Many legal stimulants are only legal if the user has been medically prescribed the drug for a true need such as to control weight or to help reduce the effects of ADD or adhd.
Street Names for Amphetamines, amphetamines are known by a number of names on the street.
19 National Drug Intelligence Center, (2002).
In the US, amphetamines are categorized under Schedule II under the Controlled Substances Act.
Street Names, coke, crack, C, okey dokey, nose, charlie, nose candy, big C, blow, marching powder, snow, white lady, toot, ceci, candi, star dust.
They can be in the form of a white, pale yellow or pale pink powder or a paste.There are a number of reasons why addiction to ice is such a widespread problem: It is cheap and readily available.There are many stimulants that are legal such as caffeine and nicotine.18 National Drug Intelligence Center, (2002 Brands,., (1998).34 National Drug Intelligence Center, (2002).Amphetamine's Effects on the Brain, when amphetamines are used, the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine are released from nerve endings in the brain and their reuptake is inhibited.