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Stinger uv801 user manual

stinger uv801 user manual

Further, we're going to be disassembling and modifying a device which, when opened up, has exposed connections to potentially lethal mains current and extremely unpleasant if not deadly high voltage.
Unplug the zapper antivirus kaspersky 2014 full crack and DON'T play with.If a new bulb doesn't do the trick, the problem is almost certainly a failed fluorescent starter inside the box, so we'll need to open.If you're rewarded with blue light and the blessed absence of smoke, sparks, and loud noises, congratulations!Caution: like the picture tube in a television set, the zapper wires can retain a residual charge for some time after you unplug the device.Secure the plastic to the inner zap screen using an ordinary office stapler as far up as you can reach with.Below is a before picture, after disassembly, but with the top cap still in place and the zapper wires yet to be cleaned.By, john Walker, once upon a time, almost everybody routinely repaired household appliances, relying on their adult common sense not to do something idiotic, and taking responsibility for their actions in any case.With no light to attract the insects, a zapper is useless, so even though its high voltage subsystem continues to work perfectly, most people junk it when changing the bulb doesn't make it light.Of course, if you're a real engine-ear, you might want to stress-test the repaired zapper before installing it in an inaccessible location.
You may need to bend the new starter down toward the PC board a bit to make it fit under the top cap of the zapper, so leave enough lead length to permit this.
You can remove the protective plastic cage and use a soft plastic brush.
To the left, for your curiosity, is a picture of the other side of the electronic starter circuit board.
If it's been recently plugged in, it's best to short out two adjacent wires with a screwdriver jpg printer driver pdf995 with a well-insulated handle to avoid nasty surprises should you accidentally touch the wires.
Installing the new starter, a standard fluorescent starter will fit just fine under the hood of all of the bug zappers I've repaired, but there's a problem connecting the starter to the zapper's PC board.
If it doesn't, you have a seriously dead zapper which is best consigned to the junk box to be plundered for parts in some future basement science project.
Added caution: Some modern zappers store the zap voltage on a capacitor that is wired directly across the two zap screens.In some industrial models, once you've removed the screws holding the two halves together, you'll also need to remove the hanger loop from the top, as it connects the two halves.The only drawback (at least if you aren't a flying insect) is that they don't seem to last very long.This document is provided as is without express or implied warranty.Replacement bulbs are readily available and easy to install, but in my experience, at least half the time replacing the bulb doesn't fix the problem.You may want to install thumbscrews to make the removal easier.The source of the problem proved to be as simple as I expected and as straightforward to remedy, so in the hope of saving somebody else the trouble of figuring it out, I've scribbled these notes on how to repair your own bug zappers.Mosquitos are attracted to warm-blooded mammals, however, and this project adds a sleeve of heavy black plastic to the outside of the inner zap screen.Then, you're ready to put the zapper back into service.Step 3: Clean the Zapper.